California Part 2: Food and Family

It's not a big surprise that we went to In-N-Out Burger while in California. It's just something that you do and is expected. But, this was my first time trying the protein style burger. The first time I got a cheeseburger animal style and it wasn't that great. Not enough meat really. So the second time I decided to get the double double and no animal style and it was delicious! I could have shoved my face full of that burger all day long. Yum.
One thing my family is great at is snacking. We are pros. We can sit there and snack ALL DAY LONG. And that my friends, is exactly what we did. It was glorious. Andy and I don't ever really have snacks or sweets in the house so whenever they are around I can't help but eat nonstop until they are gone.

My oldest brother, Richie, with his newest addition, Jackson.

Hudson Richard who is only a few days old here. Adorable.

We had to get a picture of Charlie holding his newest cousin :)

Trying to get the hang of feeding himself. Not really making it INTO his mouth at this time.

He just has the best pout face ever. I adore it.

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