Garlad Street Fair

I went to the Garland Street Fair and had a little one-on-one time with Charlie while Andy waited in the car shop for them to figure out what was wrong with our car (major bummer). The city shuts off the Garland District and they fill it with music, games, food, and booths of all kinds. We have gone before but this year they really stepped it up. They had two venues for music and TONS of booths everywhere. It ended up being a great day of just wandering the streets and eating french fries and chocolate malts. I can't wait for next year when Charlie can participate in some of the fun!

The fair has a Wizard of Oz theme and they had costume contests and painted this awesome yellow brick road.

This band was very entertaining to watch, they were all playing xylophones!

It was about 90 degrees that day so we had some nice breaks of sitting in A/C. One visit was in Ferguson's Diner and a lady ended up treating me to my lunch because I nursed Charlie in the restaurant! Score!

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