First Baseball Game

Last week we went to a Spokane Indians baseball game and we won! It was supposed to be a guys night but Becca and I wanted to go (and our husbands don't mind having us around) so we got to go! It was a good and entertaining game, they went 11 innings and finally we made a run and won! This was Charlie and Maggie's first baseball games and they seemed to enjoy it a little bit. Charlie was supposed to go to sleep (there I am with the schedule again) but he hasn't slept in the Moby wrap for a while and he really didn't want to. 

My brother likes to creep ALL the time.

My dad is a huge fan of baseball (specifically the San Fran Giants, can't you tell?) 

It was a Smokey the Bear sponsored night and we all got baby trees to plant. We unfortunately don't have anywhere to plant the seedling but it reminded me of fairs when I was little.

Charlie really did not want to fall asleep in that thing.

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