Hoopfest 2013 has come and gone. What is Hoopfest? Oh, it's only the largest 3-on-3 basketball tournament this world has ever seen! It takes over all of downtown Spokane and the streets are filled with basketball courts and people (TONS of people). The boys have played for the past few years and usually end up going for the King of the Losers (also known as 13th place). The reason why is because we usually end up losing our first game, for unforeseen reasons, and then it is just easiest to throw the second and play two games the next day and get a shirt! Well, it didn't quite work out that way and we ended up losing the last game, which was pretty ugly to begin with. But we still had fun and it was a good time. The weather was crazy. It was supposed to be around 100 on Saturday but ended up raining for most of the day, but on Sunday it got up in the 90's for sure. It is always a good time with family and friends and I always love some free entertainment.

The streets are always packed with people.

There's always some good costumes from the teams. These guys carried around kid tricycles with them.

It is pretty loud so little Charles didn't get his full naps like he should :)

My dad decided to ref this year since he wasn't playing and got some sweet new shoes!

Maggie and Charlie sharing the stroller.

Hanging out in the cool mall while waiting for our next game.

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