One More Graduation

He did it! Ben has graduated! If you would have asked any of us who would graduate from college, we definitely would not have guessed that Ben would be the answer. He always had tons of hobbys but somehow never seemed to stay with any of them. So, when he finally decided to go to school for graphic and web design, I was really hoping it'd stick. And it did! He has definitely found his passion in life (other than his wife and girls, of course), he always seems to be on his laptop working on some kind of project or other. If you are interested in his work you can check it out at benjhodge.com. Congratulations Ben! We are very proud of you!

Their mascot is a Sasquatch and he was creepy. 

These were not taken at graduation, but how adorable is he? I can't believe that he is now FIVE months old! Holy cow it goes by fast! I know that everyone says that, but I'm so excited for the months to come! 

That smile gets me every time, especially when accompanied by his humming.

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