Our weekend was jam packed! We started out by heading to Andy's mom's house to paint the exterior. We had just been out there a few days earlier and painted quite a bit of the house (almost half). Andy ended up painting the entire upper half this time and I ended up eating a ton of grapes; they were just so perfect! But after we painted the house we headed back home to clean up because we had some out of town friends stay the night and our house might have been a bit of a mess.
That evening we got to go down to Elkfest, which is a small music festival that they do annually and this is the first time we got to go! It definitely was not our normal scene, seeing as that is mostly at home or Red Robin its not hard to step out of it. We did end up running into one of Andy's good friends from high school and got to catch up. We then met up with our friends from out of town and went to a nice quiet pizza place so we could talk and hear each other.
We ended up only listening to one band while we were there and I didn't even catch their name. Oops! But it was entertaining and I think I would enjoy going back next year!

The Elk is what Elkfest is named after and it was the most crowded we've ever seen it. I kept referring to them as cattle the entire night. It just seemed so silly, but how else are you gonna get your beer on?

This was some sort of drawing for these two massive art pieces. They would not have fit into our apartment at all, but they were very cool.

Our little Charles has been teething the last few days and drooling like crazy. I am just hoping that these teeth pop out soon!

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