Hike up Tower Hill

I have officially gone on my first hike in Spokane! I have lived here for almost 5 years and never even thought about hiking any of the trails until a few months ago. So it worked out perfectly when Liz invited me to go on a hike up Tower Hill (also known as Iller Creek). I'd like to rate this trail as a medium, but then I realized I have nothing to compare it to. Also Line was able to hike all the way up by herself as long as you kept her occupied with a game or something, which probably means it is pretty easy. But man, my legs are SORE. But it was way worth it, I am definitely going to go with Andy sometime soon.

Maggie loves trying to grab Charlie (and his hair).

I'm really wanting Charlie to like his Ergo but so far he is a fan of the Moby. We ended up just carrying him up 75% of the hike because he might have started to cry 5 minutes into the hike.

We made it to the top! 

Maggie might have fallen asleep again :)

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