Let's Go for a Bike Ride

I love bike rides. I have missed them so much since last summer, but we just ordered a bike trailer for Charlie and it got here yesterday, so what did we do? Went on a bike ride! It was just a short little ride around our neighborhood and then to a local park. Charlie was supposed to be sleeping but it was just too much excitement for him. Afterwards we enjoyed some piƱa coladas that I made using this recipe. They were good, very strong though. I think I'll stick with mojitos.

Line reminded us that her shoes were off and her feet were very dirty about 50 times. I guess she thought it was a big deal :)

There were many races to the end of the slide with Line. 

And about 2 seconds later she had a handful of bark in her mouth. Yum.

Someone fell asleep on the way home.


  1. Fun photos! We love a good bike ride. Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at brewedtogether.com