Father's Day

This was Andy's first Father's Day with Charlie here. We did celebrate a little bit last year because we knew he was on the way, but it is more special somehow when he is here. Not that Charlie did anything special for him other than sleep a little bit better (but not by much). My dad was also in town for this Father's Day, all the way from South Africa! My mom and him got in a few nights ago and are staying in Charlie's room for a few weeks. We are going to have lots of BBQs and play lots of card games I'm sure.
To Celebrate we got together with my brother and his family and were planning on having brunch but it just turned into a late lunch with breakfast food. Which was delicious!

It has been so much fun to see Charlie interacting with his Pop Pop.

Playing some Legos while lunch was being made. Line found a spider and was pretty excited about building a house for it.

Grandparents with their Spokane grands (I love Charlie's facial expression here).

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