Memories Made in May

I'm a few days late, but what a great month, right? Our time was spent enjoying the sun when it was out and playing games when it rained. We enjoyed the Jr. Lilac Parade with some family and friends the other day and it was a perfect parade. Not too long, beautiful weather and the kiddos got plenty of candy (which is by far the best part). Although the marching bands were a close second with the adorable middle schoolers. It is just now the beginning of June and I cannot wait for the heat to come back and play outside again!

Line worked on her princess wave and also her candy stash :)

Charlie was supposed to be sleeping for his morning nap, but who wants to nap when there's fun to be had?

Maggie trying Charlie's hat on for size. I think she could definitely use one for herself. Pretty Adorable that girl.

I'm so excited for June!

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