Mule Days

Parades, parades, parades. We love parades :) This one was even more fun because Andy's grandpa was in it for his high school class, which made it a bit more exciting to watch. Also, this celebration was not just a parade, they also had a kids area with pony rides and a bouncing castle, they also had booths of random crafts and food. We enjoyed meandering through the booths while a folk band played a very random selection of songs. Then it was some greasy burgers for lunch and nap time for Charlie.

There's that princess wave again

Charlie has found his hands in the past few weeks and enjoys chewing on anything he can get his little chubby hands on. His favorite is his Sophie toy by far. She's just so squeaky :)

Line got to go on her first pony ride and she loved it. The pony was named Willy and he was the most adorable little shrimp of a pony.

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